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Hello 🙂 My real name is Dawn, but Dusk is my inner writer.
I can and will write about anything, all day. Many writers say they’re unique, but I really am. I’m extremely open-minded about everything, but I’m also extremely opinionated. My writing exceeds normalcy. You’ll never find anyone as versatile and quirky as me.
I have 25 years of overall experience with writing of all types. I have many examples of what I do best, so just ask. 🙂 I do better with some topics than others. Example: I struggle with political writing, but excel at promotional and review writing. Again, I’m very weird, wacky, eccentric, off the wall and quirky. My topics are outside of the box. My posts are edgy, informative, interesting, engaging, and blunt to the point. You’ll see. 🙂


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