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I am a designer who practices innovation, having worked my way through user experience design and service design disciplines. As well as practicing this with clients around the world, I teach social innovation to masters students and help my clients to build their own capacity. Technical skills: - Quant and qual research (ethnography, focus groups, surveys, analytics etc), - Analysis and synthesis (user journeys, service blueprints, ecosystem maps etc), - Creative workshop facilitation, - Identifying opportunities and creating new concepts for products, services, business models etc, - Concept testing with users, stakeholders, implementers, - Solution design and prototyping (high fidelity), - User testing / usability testing, - Roadmapping - setting out a future vision organised into implementation horizons. Clients I've worked for have come from a range of sectors: - Global health and international development - Government - Healthcare - Financial services - Telecommmunications - FMCG - Luxury retail

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