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The Future Lies in Digital Marketing Experienced Digital Marketing Manager with strong marketing professional skills in Google Ads, Bing ads, Amazon ads, Walmart ads, Houzz ads, Wayfair ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM, SMO, Pay Per Click (PPC), Keyword Research, google search console tool and Analytics. To build your brand and grow your organization, you need the right strategy and talent. I've been honoured to invest my career in helping organizations grow. My experience includes Online marketing strategy development, digital marketing, paid marketing strategy development, business development, lead generation and entrepreneurship. It would be a privilege to help you discover new growth opportunities and build the relationships and strategies to bring those opportunities to fruition. Mission: To work with zeal and complete dedication for the betterment of the organization I work with and my own self growth and development.

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