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Hire Remote Workers

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The Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers

Hiring remote workers has become the new default for many business owners. That is the reason we created a platform to outsource annoying business tasks to remote workers. Hiring remote workers to do jobs has become a huge benefit in the workplace as running a business can be exhausting which requires lots of your time. Company owners have discovered the importance of hiring a freelancer, also known as a remote employee. These remote employees are specialised in their field and can help in managing everyday tasks. 

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What is remote work?

Remote work is any type of work style that allows employees to work outside of a traditional office environment such as place of work, office building, store or warehouse. It refers to the concept that work can be executed successfully without the need to be a specific place. For instance, instead of going to an office day by day to work on web design, graphic design and more, remote employees can easily execute their projects and achieve their goals from the comfort of their home.

Hire & pay remote workers securely 

Buyworkers ensures your payment to freelancers is secured. You are able to hire remote workers, pay only when you are 100% satisfy. Hire freelancers, communicate with them whenever you like. This puts you in charge of your project. 

Find the right candidate

Hire remote workers & find remote working from home jobs

How to hire remote workers

1. Post a project 

Write the right job description. Post jobs according to your need. Attracting the right freelancer starts with creating the right job posting.

2. Choose the right Freelancer.

 Interview freelancers before choosing the right one. Ask questions about their time, skills, and how they handle or avoid distractions.

You can also asses their verbal and written communication skills, as they are vital to the success of any virtual worker.

3. Communicate with freelancers, pick the best fit

Review profiles and proposals

Read through their ideas, take a look at the portfolio. Chat with the remote workers to further inquire on their skills and availability.

4. Pay securely with Buyworkers 

Once you find the right candidate, pay for the total amount of the project. Buyworkers will hold the funds in escrow until the project is completed and you are satisfied.


Escrow service

Your money is held in escrow until you decide to release the funds to the freelancer.

Payment protection

If the freelancer does not complete the work, your money is refunded.


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