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I will write your loan or investor business plan

Welcome, my name is Charles Eneanya (Fundraising Business Plan Group Head and CEO of Researchitlive). 


I rank among the Top 10% Best Business Plan Writers Globally having created over 400 business plans and successfully helped clients in raising over $500 million US Dollars from Venture Capitalists.

Charles Eneanya Reputation:

  1. Worked With Over 320 Clients on Globally
  2. More than 8 years Experience
  3. Custom Offer: Business Plan, Business Proposal, and Pitch Deck
  4. I will introduce you to TOP 1,000 Investors and VCs
  5. 1 Day Extra Fast Delivery

For $100 you will get a summary business plan of about 10 pages only. 

Detailed Business Plan Chapter Outline:

Legal Page


Executive Summary


1.1 Financial Needs

1.1. 1 Financial Projections

1.1. 2 Business Valuation

1.2 CAPEX and OPEX Analysis

1.2. 1 Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

1.2. 2 Operating Expenditure (OPEX)

1.3 Aim

1.4 Mission and Vision Statements

1.5 Keys to Success

1.6 Objectives

1.7 Company Overview

1.8 Expansion Plan


Registered Name and Corporate Structure

2.1 Management and Investor Equity

2.2 Business Model

2.3 Management and Staff

2.4 Risk Management

2.5 Exit Strategy


Products and Services

Industry Analysis

4.1 Target Market

4.2 Industry Analysis

4.3 Competition


Marketing Plan

5.1 Marketing Overview

5.2 Strategy and Implementation Summary

5.3 Marketing Strategy Summary

5.4 Marketing Channel

5.4. 1 Online Initiatives

5.4. 2 Offline Initiatives


Lead Generation Plan

6.1 Pricing


SALES strategy

5 YEARS Financial Plan

Charles Custom Services Includes:

Business Plan, Proposal, Pitch Deck, and Fundraising:

Custom Offer= $5 to $20,000

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