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DEAR SERIOUS ARTIST, WHEN YOU BUY THIS SERVICE, YOU WON’T NEED TO SPEND MORE MONEY ON THIS PROMOTION LEVEL FOR A WHOLE YEAR because this is the best long-term airplay offer: Many labels n Industry Companies lost interest in many artists because while they were monitoring them from far, they saw that their songs were played for short terms by several radio stations and then dropped. So the labels and companies concluded that the songs were disliked by people and the radios had to drop them out! And what made them believe more in this is that the songs never reached the charts! For that, reserve One Spot to your tracks on our waves for One Year that can be renewed : High Rotation on 5 Top Radio Stations which spins are counted for the big US as well as Euro and World Indie Charts. The rotation of one Song that can be replaced any time by a newer one free of charge during the year, just by sending it to us… The DJs of the stations will take your track(s) with them to their parties, and a written interview will be done with the artist by one of those top radios and published on a top music industry website where it goes viral and stays forever. As well as submitting your song standardly (no guarantees, no follow ups) to top worldwide DJs, Labels, Music Televisions, and to our big BDS & Mediabase panel of radios which spins are counted for Billboard & Mediabase Charts… PLUS: Heavy rotation and Top 5 guaranteed Charting placement on the internal Top 10 charts of one of those radios that is displayed on their website all over the year!!!…

Songs are subject to approval. If approval is not provided we will provide a full refund…

In the delivery, we will send you the attachments containing all the NAMES of DJs and all the institutions subject of the submissions, and the names and websites of the 5 radios that will play your track (s) to listen to and check all their info. . This offer is valid now ON SPECIAL for only 1255$ (Normally 3000$)… Reserve your place now before it’s too late!

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